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Classroom Resources For Primary & Secondary Students

The Giant Classroom connects teachers and students with a variety of tools and resources that inspire discovery, analysis and interpretation. Be part of a global community, and engage your classroom with smart programs, resources & interesting literacy activities in History, Geography and Social Studies.


Improve your students' literacy through history, geography and social studies.


"Thank you for a wonderful educational resource that
has been enjoyable and challenging." - J. Sutton, Deputy Principal, St Joseph’s

The Primary Research Project

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The Asia Wise Challenge

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For year 5 and 6 students For year 7 to 10 students
  • Smart learning tools and classroom resources
  • Online reports for teachers
  • General knowledge quiz for students
  • Home and school-based access to all literacy activities
  • Teaching resources for Asia
  • A lot of fun!

Teaching resources

Links to the Australian Curriculum - Asia Wise Program

Links to the Australian Curriculum - Primary Research Project


The General Knowledge Quizzes are free and available to students at any time.  Reward your students by having them submit a set of questions and we will put the questions online and recognise the student with their name and school.

The top ambassador this week is Sarah DAVIES from Sydney Girls High School (NSW, Australia), with 100 points!