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Classroom Resources For Primary & Secondary Students

The Giant Classroom connects teachers and students with a variety of tools and resources that inspire discovery, analysis and interpretation. Be part of a global community, and engage your classroom with smart programs, resources & interesting literacy activities in History, Geography and Social Studies.


Improve your students' literacy through history, geography and social studies.


"Thank you for a wonderful educational resource that
has been enjoyable and challenging." - J. Sutton, Deputy Principal, St Joseph’s

The Primary Research Project

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The Asia Wise Challenge

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For year 5 and 6 students For year 7 to 10 students
  • Smart learning tools and classroom resources
  • Online reports for teachers
  • General knowledge quiz for students
  • Home and school-based access to all literacy activities
  • Teaching resources for Asia
  • A lot of fun!

Teaching resources

Links to the Australian Curriculum - Asia Wise Program

Links to the Australian Curriculum - Primary Research Project


The General Knowledge Quizzes are free and available to students at any time.  Reward your students by having them submit a set of questions and we will put the questions online and recognise the student with their name and school.