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Asia Wise

There are a lot of great reasons to take part in the Asia Wise Program!

Benefits to teachers

  • Educationally-valid programs for developing core curriculum skills in history and geography
  • Great extension program
  • Saves preparation time
  • Saves marking time
  • Flexible timing so you can fit the Challenege into your teaching program
  • Easy to organise
  • Fun for students

Benefits to students

  • A fun and engaging way to improve general knowledge and select areas for a Depth Study
  • Great Quick Quizzes
  • Improves problem solving and research skills
  • Develops skills and strategies for locating information
  • Helps students evaluate the effectiveness of their choices of information and technology
  • All students receive a graded certificate

Benefits to your school

  • Great value for money
  • Promote your school as an "Asia Wise School"
  • Great statistical feedback for school reporting
  • Great opportunities to promote your students' achievements in history and geography