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Links between the Australian Curriculum and the Science Challenge


The following matrix shows which areas of the Australian Curriculum in Science are covered in the Science Challenge.

TheScience Challenge provides 5 experiments each year that cover each of the sub-strands in Science understanding (Biological sciences, Chemical sciences, Earth and space sciences and Physical sciences).  

The experiments provide opportunities for students to cover Strand 2 Science Inquiry Skills sub-strand 2 (Planning and and conducting) and sub-strand 3 (Processing and analysing data and information).

The extension acticities provide teachers with ideas to guide students to to meet the needs of Science Inquiry Skills sub-strand 1 ( Questioning and predicting) and sub-strand 4 (Evaluating).

Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - Science Challenge
    Year 5 Year 6
General Capabilities      
  Literacy x x
  Numeracy x x
  Competence in ICT x x
  Critical and Creative Thinking x x
  Ethical Behaviour    
  Intercultural Understanding    
Cross Curriculum Priorities      
  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories    
  Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia    
  Sustainability x x
Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - Science  
Strand 1 Science Understanding    
  Biological Sciences x x
  Chemical sciences x x
  Earth and Space Sciences x x
  Physical Sciences x x
Strand 2 Science as a Human Endeavour    
  Nature and development of science x x
  Use and influence of science x x
Strand 3 Science inquiry Skills    
  Questioning and predicting x x
  Planning and conducting x x
  Processing and analysing data and information x x