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Literacy Activities

Smart, connected learning.

The Giant Classroom connects teachers and students with classroom tools and resources to inspire discovery, thought and creation across all of our literacy activities. Be part of a global community, and engage your classroom with smart resources that extend across general knowledge, History, Geography, Social Studies and Science.

Classrooms that feel alive.

Our resources are engineered to activate and inspire a collaborative classroom for primary and secondary level students across all literacy and classroom activities. Researching, comprehending, analysing, interpreting, observing, brainstorming, participating is what we're all about with General Knowledge, History, Geography, Social Studies, Science and literacy as our primary focus.

Empowered teachers.

The Giant Classroom is a firm believer that the teacher is the engine driving any educational program. The Giant Classroom empowers teachers with an abundance of classroom resources and literacy activities - it doesn't replace them!      

Teachers by trade.

Founded in 1992 by a small group of classroom teachers seeking to increase the quality of literacy activities, The Giant Classroom addresses the challenges and pressures faced every day in delivering great learning to students. Giant Classroom resources help committed teachers bring variety, pace and engagement to their classrooms as well as help students to build on their general knowledge.

What people are saying.

"The Science Challenge is wonderful both for those with a little science background
and those with a lot."

- Lee Dyer, Vice Principal, Jollimont Primary School

"A great competition!" - Colleen Carr, SOSE Coordinator, Mt Aspiring College   

We actually found Asia Wise interesting and I'm sure the students had fun going online to find more info on any given topic. Working with ICT being the most popular system, the students were quite engaged working on it.

- Serene George Secondary Teacher Humanities HKLA Yrs 7 - 9 Al-Taqwa College


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