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Primary Research Project

Links between the Australian Curriculum and the Primary Research Project

The following matrix shows which areas of the Australian Curriculum in History,Geography (draft), mathematics and english are covered in the Primary Research Project.

The Primary Research Project puts particular emphasis on all of the General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities marked with an X.  Historical Skills and Geographical Inquiry Skills and mathematics strand 1 and 2 and english strand 3 will be covered each year. 

The Primary Research Project will cover the Historical and Geographical Knowledge and Understanding with a focus on the areas in the curriculum specifying content relevant to Asia.


Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - Primary Research Project
            Year 5 Year 6
General Capabilities              
  Literacy         x x
  Numeracy         x x
  Competence in ICT       x x
  Critical and Creative Thinking       x
  Ethical Behaviour          
  Intercultural Understanding     x x
Cross Curriculum Priorities              
  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories    
  Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia x x
Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - History    
Strand 1 Historical Knowledge and Understanding         x x
Strand 2 Historical Skills            
  Chronology, terms and concepts   x x
  Historical questions and research   x x
  The analysis and use of sources     x x
  Perspectives and interpretations        
  Explanation and communication        
Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - Geography  
Strand 1 Geographical Knowledge and Understanding         x x
Strand 2 Geographical Inquiry and Skills            
  Observing and questioning        
  Planning, collecting and evaluating   x x
  Processing, analysing, interpreting and concluding x x
  Reflecting and responding        
Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - Mathematics  
Strand 1 Number and Algebra         x x
Strand 2 Measurement and Geometry         x x
Strand 3 Statistics and Probability         x x
Alignment to the Australian Curriculum - English    
Strand 1 Language            
Strand 2 Literature            
Strand 3 Literacy            
  Navigate and read texts          x x
  Use comprehension strategies         x x